Mixed Projects

Mixed Projects

Random Mixed Projects

FOLLY Competition Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, USA, 2012with Francesco Di Gregorio

folly emptyfolly main



Balangero, Italy, Competition, 2011 with Gianni Di Gregorio, Francesco Di Gregorio, Vanni Meozzi, Christian D’Elia, Giacomo Mion, Francesco Musetti

A competition where the municipality of Balangero wanted to regenerate an old asbestos mine with a tourism and research center




1975 + 2010, Apartment Stockholm, 2010

The building was from 1975 and by 2010 nothing had been changed. We decided to do a renovation where we were careful to keep the 1975-athmosphere while at the same time letting it collide with 2010. The apartment was in big need of storage and desk spaces.


Connection – Extention, Sweden, 2010

Proposed extention for turning an old Summerhouse into a Permanent Villa


Järva Cemetary, Sweden, 2010, with Kristin Gausdal Competition


Open – Closed , Malmö, Sweden  2011under construction

A tiny house in a small villa garden with two functions that need to be able to be used with flexibility; complete separate, as one unit, as two different functions sharing the same bathroom. etc. In order to not have to use fire-glass in the green house part, the bathroom, functions as a fire-gate in-between the two units.


Remake Parma Central, with Francesco Di Gregorio, 2011

Interior refurbishment apartment, Parma, Italy



One in One – Sweden, 2009

Proposal for a mini-living-unit and a green house. The mini-unit is put inside the greenhouse in order to take advantage of the heat produced and the in-between zone which can be used a minimum of 8 months a year.


The Journey, with Kristin Gausdal 2010, competition entry – architecture festival montpellier

2500, km – 25, 60X60 boxes, one being filled each 100 km of the trip from Stockholm, Sweden to Montpellier, France creating a garden out of a journey; a european story.


DIF arena, Frihamnen, Stockholm , 2007- with Francesco Di Gregorio


Old-New, Nacka, Sweden, 2010

A kitchen for a house from 1936, mixing the style of 1936 with modern style and technology.


Europan, The Flexible Grid,  Dunquerque, 2009, with Kristin Gausdal



Module Royal, competition proposal for a new housing area in Nässjö, Sweden, 2007, with Anders Berensson & Ulf Mejergren



PIR, a baltic research station and lighthouse, 2007, with Anders Berensson


Kvist, 2007, with Anders Berensson – A flexible wall unit with integrated light.


Plastpantaren, 2007, with Anders Berensson – A machine turning grocerybags into handbags

10 Pounds, Chair, Edinburgh, 2004

Chair made with a material budget of 10 Pounds, Edinburgh


Can you sea me? a temporary space for the mondern dance theatre, 2007